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Online Training Includes Lesson Group 1 & 2.  Plus Workbook requirements for Lesson Groups 1 & 2

                  • History of Grooming

                  • Safety

                  • Terminology

                  • Science

                  • Bathing, Brushing, Drying

                                    – Bathe, Brush & Dry Short Hair Dogs

                                    – Bathe, Brush & Dry Grooming (haircut) dogs for groomers

                                    – Bathe, Brush & Dry Double Coat breeds

                  • Nail Trims


Month 3

Begin “grooming” short hair dogs scheduled for intern (this will enable intern to earn tips from dogs scheduled on their appointment book.) Apx 2-3 dogs per day along with bathing and drying haircut dogs for groomers.


Months 4-6

                  Online Training Includes Lesson Groups 3 & 4, plus start remaining workbook requirements.

                  • Start learning about double coat breeds & trimming paw pads and outline trim

                  • Start studying section 3 & 4 online training about haircuts

                  • Start prepping haircut dogs for groomers

                                    – Trim pads of feet, trim and grind nails, hygiene trim

                                    – Properly fluff dry haircut dogs for groomers


Month 6

                  • Begin “grooming” double coat breeds, scheduled for intern.


Months 6-12

                  • Continue studying

Short hair dogs & double coat breeds scheduled on intern as skill level improves # of dogs scheduled goes up

Begin doing easier haircuts as trainer says intern is able to manage, following the intern workbook requirements.


By Month 10 all online course work should be complete


By Month 12 all workbook requirements should be complete with all skills scoring a 4 or 5