Yes, we’re FELINE EXCLUSIVE! No dogs allowed!


Yes, we’re FELINE EXCLUSIVE! No dogs allowed!


Many people think cats can take care of their own grooming, right?

If that were the case, wouldn’t it make sense that they would never have tangles, matted fur, fleas, dandruff, hairballs, sharp and/or ingrown nails, never-ending shedding, greasiness, unsanitary nether regions and general stinkiness? Only in our dreams, right?

And how does their insufficient self-grooming impact their world?  Hairballs can lead to intestinal blockage. Uncomfortable skin irritants can turn a pleasant puss into a grumpy old sourpuss. Not to mention, you and guests to your home may have aggravated allergies, and that hair on every stinking piece of dark clothing or furniture you own. Ugh!

Rest easy — we’re here to help!

If you’ve never had your cat professionally groomed before, we know you probably have questions, and we’re happy to answer them! Feel free to call during regular business hours, and as soon as we’ve tended to the kitty in the tub, we’ll call you back.

Please note, for the safety of our groomers ~ and your cat(s) ~ we require proof of up-to-date rabies vaccinations prior to any service or boarding.


Standard grooming service for both short hair and long hair cats

Recommended frequency: every 4 to 8 weeks.  

It will improve your cat’s health — and your life! — by preventing hairballs, matting, excessive shedding, messy bottoms, and ingrown toenails. This standard service includes:

• Warm Massaging Bath
• Gentle Face Wash
• Blow Dry
• Sanitary Trim for long hair cats
• Comb out to remove minor tangles and excess dead coat.

This procedure removes the undercoat to reduce shedding, making your life less hairy!

Recommended schedule:  Regular 4-8 week scheduling can reduce shedding by up to 80%. 

This includes all services in the Bath and Blowout (see above) plus additional hair removal.



A Lion Cut is a very short all over body haircut. A mane is left around the neck and the hair below the elbows on the front legs and hock joint on the rear legs. Personal preference determines whether we leave a full, natural tail, or create a lion tail which is short with a tuft of hair at the end. The Lion Cut includes everything in the Bath and Blowout groom (see above), plus this specialized haircut. 

This trim resembles a Lion Cut but leaves the hair longer. It’s great for an older cat or one who doesn’t tolerate a short haircut. This is a great look without having to commit to a really short cut.

The Comb Cut includes everything in the Bath and Blowout groom (see above), plus an all over haircut.



Matted hair leaves us with limited options.  If the mats are manageable, we might be able to remove them.  If it is not matted to the skin we may be able to do a lion cut.  When fur is matted to the skin, grooming gets much trickier and requires two groomers to groom the cat. Severe matting poses the risk of someone actually cutting your kitty’s skin, so we are very, very mindful of their well-being through this labor-intensive process. Because the safety of your kitty requires two groomers, mat removal grooming starts at $150….and regular grooming will hopefully allow this to be a one-time expense!

• Deshedding
• Paw trimming
• Sanitary trimming can be added to any service.

If a second groomer is required for handling purposes there will be a $20 assistant charge.



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