Our grooming is done in a safe and sanitary environment. Grooms include a bath with high-quality products designed for pets. We have a variety of shampoos and conditioners to match every pet’s need. If your pet is a double-coated breed, we also include de-shedding services. Ears are cleaned, and glands are checked and expressed if needed. Nails are not only trimmed but also filed with a dremel to ensure they are as short and smooth as possible without getting them too short. Dogs that need haircuts, such as Poodles, Bichons, Shih Tzus and more get a haircut. Our grooming is done by appointment only, so your pet does not have to stay all day. Most grooming appointments take 1.5 – 2 hours. If you need to leave your pet longer, that is not a problem, but we do not require pets to stay for an extended period.

Dogs that are not groomed on a regular basis will be charged a non-regular customer fee. We have found that dogs that are not groomed on a regular basis require additional time, skill and product. We recommend dogs be groomed every 4-8 weeks, those we haven’t seen in 10-12 weeks will incur the additional charge. This does not apply to cats or short hair dogs.

Walk-In Grooming Appointments

Nail Trims: No appointment is needed but please call or text to make sure we are in the salon. We also offer nail cap application for dogs and cats.

Thera-clean Microbubble Bath

Our Thera-clean is a great state-of-the-art service we offer. The Thera-Clean microbubble system uses technology from Japan to produce microbubbles. Pets are soaked for about twenty minutes. This is a great benefit to dogs suffering from skin issues, allergies, excessive shedding or a pet who has been skunked. Microbubble Thera-Clean baths are a great solution!