Why We Carry Westpaw Toys


Why We Carry West Paw Toys

At Gordon’s Grooming we carefully select the toys we carry because we want your pet (and you!) to enjoy their best life not only within our salon, but every day!  That’s why we choose to carry West Paw toys.

• Most importantly, West Paw toys are safe and durable. They are non-toxic, BPA & latex free and easy to clean.  Being easy to clean is a huge plus when it comes to interactive toys.  Unfortunately some interactive toys in the market are very difficult to get into every nook and cranny to keep them clean (and safe) for your dog.

• Many of West Paw’s toys are made for interaction with people.

– they have a great selection of tug and pull toys

– most even float if your dog enjoys playing in the pool or lake.

• They’re engaging for your pup. Some, such as the Toppl, are made to be a puzzle for your dog.  You can stuff it with some dry and wet food, or mix dry food with kefir or yogurt, then freeze it.  Your dog must work to get to the kibble, keeping them entertained, and it’s a great warm weather treat.


The Qwizl, Westpaw’s tow, is made to hold a bully stick so the dog must work around and with the toy to get to the stick. 

• Another reason we love West Paw toys, they are made in the US!  West Paw has been in business since 1996 and has always been in Bozeman, MT.


• The company itself is also focused on being environmentally friendly. 

– Their Seaflex toys are all made with recycled ocean bound plastic. 

Looking for fun and safe toys for your pet? Look no further than the people who love your pet almost as much as you do: Gordon’s Grooming!

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