Gordon’s Grooming Team


Sarah Morehead
Salon Manager

Sarah owns and shows three harlequin Great Danes: Hope, Valor, and Wynn. She enjoys training and showing her dogs and spending time with her family and friends. Sarah would love to see one of her dogs show at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Sarah enjoys working at the salon, spending her days with pets, and helping educate and help pet owners.

Jenna Adams 
Manager and Cat Groomer,
Gordon’s Feline Exclusive Grooming

Jenna has been grooming pets for just over six years. She has 3 dogs: Esther, a Boston Terrier/Pug mix; Eli, a Bichon mix; and Paislee, a Long Hair Dachshund. She also has 2 cats: Cosmo and Ricky Bobby. Jenna has helped foster many rescued kittens including bottle feeding them until they are weaned and can get permanent homes. She LOVES grooming cats and is the manager for our feline exclusive boarding and grooming facility that is open right next door to our current salon in Granger Indiana. Jenna is National Cat Groomer Certified

The NCGI (National Cat Groomers Institute) is where groomers are trained to
• master holds that allow them to safely and efficiently groom cats without requiring assistance
• utilize techniques that deliver consistent, awesome results
• integrate processes that promote safer and faster sessions, relieving stress for cats and for the groomer.
Jenna’s commitment to continuing education has elevated her to a status most groomers only hope to achieve….and the results are evident in every furry friend she grooms!

Megan Sill

Megan has been grooming for over 3 years. Her favorite breeds to groom are Bichon, Schnauzer and Pomeranians. Megan has a great mic of pets at home including Cooper the Eskie, Kiki the Cat, Naga and Agni the Western Hognose Snakes. Megan says she loves grooming dogs because “I love the creativity and artistry it allows me to have while making clients dogs look and feel their best.”

Maddie Morehead

Maddie has is the proud owner of two dogs, Donna a Dachshund and Mando, a German Shorthair Pointer. She enjoys grooming as it is an opportunity to make dogs look their best. Maddie’s favorite toys for dogs include tug toys and puzzle toys. Her favorite dogs to groom are the wire coated breeds.

Emily McCraw

Emily has been grooming for two years and has always enjoyed working with dogs. She has a Standard poodle, Raven; a Pitbull/Lab mix, Summer; two domestic shorthair cats, Milo and Jar Jar Binks; and another Standard Poodle, Declan. Emily loves learning about the different dog breeds and their haircuts.  Standard Poodles and Miniature Schnauzers are her favorite breeds to groom. She truly enjoys forming bonds with the dogs she grooms and enjoys seeing how they develop over time.

Jill Phillips

Jill has been grooming since 2015, when she went from working with horses to working with dogs.  She enjoys working with the different dogs and their personalities.  Jill has two dogs, Zoey, a heeler mix and Blue, a Blue Heeler.  She also has two horses, Pize and Ethel.  Her favorite breeds to groom are working breeds.  In the past, Jill worked as a graphic artist and giving horseback riding lessons.

Kadi Sosnoqicz

Kadi has been grooming for over 7 years and owns two domestic short hair cats, Henry and Panther.  She also has a ferret, Ferrita.   Kadi enjoys grooming because she likes being part of the process to maintain a healthy and happy pet.  She LOVES doing big deshed work – think Pomeranians or Huskies.   Previously Kadi went to veterinary technician school and worked at a doggie daycare.

Sam Lampton

Sam is from Bremen, she has been grooming for two years.

Laura Van Scarborough
Front Desk

Laura has been working at Gordon’s Grooming for over a year.  She has two dogs of her own, Ernie and Lulabelle. She and has been to school for graduated with an associate degree in veterinary technology in 2010 and worked as a RVT at Clayview Animal Clinic. She’s a wonderful asset to our team and you will see her at our front desk and retail area.

Stephanie Steenbeke
Front Desk

Stephanie spent a few years working in veterinary clinics but went to school for culinary arts. She is the proud owner of Tess, a Malinois and retired military working dog who served with her husband, Joe.

Emily Hanyzewski
Bather & Groomer Trainee

Emily works as a bather and groomer trainee at Gordon’s.  She has a Border Collie mix, Bella and June, an English Springer Spaniel.  She enjoys meeting new dog breeds.  Emily’s favorite dog toy are the Kong brand toys and her favorite breed to groom is a Springer Spaniel.  Emily also has worked as a dog trainer.

Adriana Andrews
Bather & Groomer Trainee

Ariana is from Buchanan, Michigan and recently joined Gordon’s Grooming as a bather. Ariana is a licensed barber stylist and is currently training to groom dogs with us as well. 

Casey Morehead

Casey has grown up around Great Danes.  She is still in high school, but enjoys working at Gordon’s Grooming on Saturdays and some evenings, or when school is out!

Dakota Fox
Bather  & Groomer Trainee

Casey has grown up around Great Danes.  She is still in high school, but enjoys working at Gordon’s Grooming on Saturdays and some evenings, or when school is out!

Lara Latshaw—
Owner and Master Groomer

Lara is one of 7 National Certified Master Groomers in Indiana. She participates and teaches at national competitions and conferences all over the U.S. Lara has been grooming for over 20 years and is also a Pet Tech Pet CPR/First Aid Instructor.

Lara used to show her Bichon, Bernard, as well as her GBGV (Grand Bassett Griffon Vendeen.) She’s President of the GBGV Foundation Board and is a member of the GBGV Club of America. Lara is Chair of the GBGV Club of America Newsletter and also assists with the GBGV Health Committee. Lara also recently became a member of the Bichon Frise Club of America.

In her free time, Lara enjoys traveling and SCUBA diving! She is a PADI and SSI SCUBA Instructor.  She plans on exploring technical and cave diving in 2023. Lara’s favorite thing to do is to travel.