Because of our love for all animals, we focus first on the safety and wellbeing of any pet that enters our salon. That’s why we are hyper-vigilant in the pet precautions and sanitation of our environment. 


  • a bath with high-quality shampoos and conditioners designed to match every pet’s individual needs. 
  • De-shedding services, if your pet is a double-coated breed. 
  • Ears are thoroughly cleaned
  • Glands are checked and expressed if needed. 
  • Nails are trimmed and sanded with a Dremel to ensure they are as short and smooth as possible without getting them too short. 
  • Dogs needing haircuts — Poodles, Bichons, Shih Tzus and such — receive the cut appropriate for their breed, with concessions made for the owner’s preferences. 


As all professionals should, we groom by appointment only, so your pet does not have to stay all day in unfamiliar surroundings. We know they’re most comfortable at home!  Most grooming appointments take 1.5 to 2 hours. If you need to leave your pet longer, that is not a problem, but our goal is to not require pets to stay for an extended time beyond their service.

We recommend dogs be groomed every 4 to 8 weeks.  Experience shows that dogs who are not groomed on a regular basis require additional time, skill and product to make up for the length of time between grooms. As a result those dogs we haven’t seen in 10-12 weeks will incur the additional “Infrequent Groom” charge. However, this does not apply to cats or short hair dogs.



Ala Carte Services

  • Nail Trims:  Appointments are not required but a quick call to check on availability is wise. 
  • Nail Caps: for dogs and cats.
  • Toothbrushing

Pet-Safe Novelty Grooming

  • Color application  
  • Glitter stencils 


Sometimes you just need a quick clean-up after an extra-enthusiastic hike and you can’t wait until your next grooming appointment. Or maybe you just enjoy caring for your dog yourself. Whatever your reason, our self-wash pet grooming station is ready for you!  

PRICING: $10 for 15 minutes 

with 5-minute wiggle-room before additional increments are charged

We are able to take walk-ins for the self-wash, but scheduled self-wash appointments will gain priority access (if you walk in you may have to wait.) You can book online here. Scroll down to “Self Pet Wash” and select the time increment. If you need help determining how much time to book give us a call or text 574-612-3524 and we can help!

Convenient, safe and not weather-dependant, our self-wash pet service provides everything you need to do it yourself, with some of our professional tools included to keep you and your pet safe, including:

  • a raised professional grooming tub with a ramp for large dogs to walk up into the tub
  • deep clean shampoo or hypoallergenic & tearless shampoo
  • Conditioning spray
  • Cologne
  • Towels
  • Brushes, combs, and rubber curry brushes
  • There’s also a high-velocity adjustable speed dryer available

Want some of the “extras”?  They’re available too at an additional charge.

  • Special conditioning treatments, protein packs, shampoos
  • Add on a nail trim and file by one of our staff for only $12 (normally $15)  when you use the self-wash.
  • We count on all our clients to leave the area as clean as they found it, but if you’re running short on time or don’t want to be bothered, we provide Concierge Clean-up for an additional $10